Rental Management

Perfect knowledge of the real estate market allows us to determine with precision the amount of the rent and to accompany you in the various stages of the management of your property.

Tyfanie Demoget
+33 (0)4 93 18 01 21 (option 3)

We offer you fast and professional services:

  • ▪ Tenant search
  • ▪ Review of applications and selection of tenants with the best guarantees.
  • ▪ Drafting the rental contract
  • ▪ Establishment of a detailed inventory of fixtures and fittings in the case of furnished accommodation.

We will also be able to carry out the compulsory diagnostics prior to letting and, if necessary, carry out any work required to restore your property to its original condition.

We manage the rent and any works. This comprehensive management includes in particular the following tasks :

  • ▪ Monthly issue of due notices and rental receipts
  • ▪ Collection and management of rents
  • ▪ Management and follow-up of any works
  • ▪ Payment of charges to the syndic
  • ▪ Regularisation of annual charges with your tenant
  • ▪ Checking annual boiler subscriptions
  • ▪ Annual verification of comprehensive home insurance certificates
  • ▪ Regular relations with tenants and condominium managers
  • ▪ Management of non-payment procedures
  • ▪ Quarterly or monthly payments of rent and charges to the landlord
  • ▪ Output of detailed quarterly accounts
  • ▪ Statement of property income

We also offer you the possibility of taking out an insurance policy « guarantee for unpaid rent and property damage ».

All these actions are carried out by an experienced team that listens to you.

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